Arjun shares heartfelt post after wife Natasha Sandhu’s death


In a heartfelt message, Arjun, the British-Sri Lankan singer-songwriter took to his social media to express grief over the loss of his wife, Natasha Sandhu.

The singer had kept his relationship away from the public and said that he married his “soul mate” in February this year. Although, the sudden death of Natasha has left him heartbroken which is clear from his post.

Natasha, who was a major part of his team and has played a major role in Arjun’s career passed away on 20th September 2018, three days before Arjun’s 28th birthday due to a sudden cardiac arrest. She was a doctor who graduated from Imperial College.

In his Facebook post, Arjun said, “On September 20th Natasha passed away from a sudden cardiac arrest. I am struggling to put into words how I feel,” adding that “her passing has come as a total shock to myself and to our families”.

Arjun, who recently collaborated with Momina Mushtehsan for “Aya Na Tu” further said, “She was my soul mate and the person I had chosen to spend my life with. At my lowest points, it was Tash who lifted me up and made me believe in myself. She believed in me from day one. She shared my intense love for music, and when I wrote songs she was the first person I would play them too. So many of my songs have been for her and about her.”

Arjun further said that he chose to keep his personal life private and it was their “little secret, which brought us even closer together”.

While remembering Natasha as a person, Arjun stated, “She was the kindest, most caring person I’ve known. Despite how busy she was, she always found time for others, constantly putting everyone before herself.”

“She touched so many people around the world and was an inspiration to so many. She is an example of a woman who was able to have her own career while supporting her partner with theirs,” he added.

Arjun also mentioned his wedding day and said, “I still remember how beautiful she looked on our wedding day. She has made me happier than I ever believed possible. She was the most beautiful person inside and out.”

“We have been on an amazing journey, building our lives and my career as a tag team. We have travelled to every continent and made memories that will stay with me forever. I am so thankful for all the times we shared, and that we were able to see the whole world together,” he also said.

Arjun said that Natasha was the kind of person who would achieve anything she put her mind to and did everything she could from running a household to helping him manage his career.

He concluded his post saying, “She will live forever in our hearts and the impact she made will never be forgotten.”