Police recover ‘kidnapped’ infant, say mother fabricated the story | Pakistan Today

Police recover ‘kidnapped’ infant, say mother fabricated the story

Local police recovered an infant allegedly snatched from the mother’s arms and added that she had handed over her daughter to someone without her family’s consent and proceeded to pretend it was a criminal act.

“The girl was handed over to that man by her mother. The police were very much sure about the suspicious behaviour of her mother and the investigators kept it under observation. There are a few other facts which the police have come to know during the course of their investigation but we can’t share [them] right now with the media as it can affect the investigation as well as disturb the family. The girl has been handed over to her family. She is fine and the man has been taken into custody for further interrogation,”  said Deputy Inspector General (DIG) Javed Alam Odho while addressing a press conference at his office.

According to the family, eight-month-old Faiza was kidnapped by some people from her mother’s arms while visiting their home in Armbagh a couple weeks earlier. Police reveal that they were able to trace her down to a house in Yousuf Goth and arrest a person named Imran.

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