Lahore zoo to display more taxidermy animals


The Lahore Zoo administration is planning to preserve animals and birds through taxidermy for it museum.

The past couple of months has seen the deaths of several animals including a giraffe, cheetah and wallaby. These animals have been embalmed by the zoo administration so that they can be kept in the museum built inside the snake house. The museum already houses several taxidermied animals and birds.

Of the animals already taxidermied, the giraffe and wallaby are not the property of the zoo and belong to the contractor who supplied them. While, the kangaroo has been replaced with another animal, an alternative for the giraffe is yet to be provided.

The contractors will hand over the taxidermied birds and animals to the zoo once the process of taxidermy is completed.

Taxidermy is a complicated process. The first step involves making the skins of the animals stronger, before stuffing them with hay or other material. The eyes are replaced with shiny stones and steel rods are used in the legs. Chemicals are used to save the hides from damage.