VIDEO: Couple accuse British police of racism, heavy-handed approach after arrest


A young couple were arrested in a Tesco Superstore in the Greater Manchester region of the United Kingdom on Tuesday after a row erupted over the purchase of more than 20 bottles of water.

The duo, named Nasir Hussain and Mahira Hussain, were denied purchase of more than 20 water bottles at the check-out and were explained that the store did not sell more than 10 bottles for each customer.

“So, we’re in Tesco, Rochdale, and for some reason they’ve got a different policy to every other Tesco up and down the country. ‘Every other Tesco we managed to get these Volvic bottles, as many as we want. ‘We’re not retailers, we’re not wholesalers, we just want them for our home but unfortunately in this Tesco we’ve been told that we’re only allowed ten bottles each,” says Nasir Hussain in a video recorded by his wife.

“At the end of the day, we just wanna buy the water. We buy it in every store,” he tells the security guard.

A police officer then approaches the scene and asks the duo to explain the problem. However, he realises that he is being filmed and asks Mahira Hussain to avoid doing so, telling her that the store is private property and recording videos is not allowed. The couple oblige and turn off the recording.

However, in the second clip, the officer uses force against Nasir Hussain as he is being led outside the store.

The third video clip shows Mahira Hussain telling the police officer to ‘get off me’ as he tries to arrest her.

“I didn’t do anything. When are you allowed to punch someone for doing nothing? You wanna know what racism is? This is what it fucking looks like,” exclaims her husband.

“He arrested me and my partner without warning and used excessive force, I think he lost the plot. I was trying to buy something from the shop, not steal something and I got arrested. ‘The worst part for me was being on the ground while they were arresting my partner. I couldn’t do anything to help her, she’s only 5ft 1in as well, very petite. She wasn’t posing a physical threat to anybody. ‘When my dad heard about what happened he said I should’ve just stayed quiet, but when he saw the videos he changed his opinion. My whole family is in shock,” said Nasir Hussain, according to the Metro.

“I don’t know how they’ve charged us for this. I’ve never been convicted of anything in my life or had a punch thrown at me but I think if you’re going to bully people and use excessive force then people have a right to defend themselves in that moment,” he added.

“Nasir Hussain and Mahira Hussain both of Oldham, have been charged with assault of a constable and have been bailed to appear at Manchester and Salford Magistrates,” said a police spokesperson.