VIDEO: Dolphin force ‘oversteps’ once again


Dolphin force functions as an elite security unit in Punjab that was launched by former Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) government to curb street crimes. They operate according to the modern concept of “functional specialisation” in which the activities of a certain organisation are arranged along areas of specialization. However, the police force have often been accused of overstepping their mandate.

Earlier on September 6, three cops of the Dolphin Squad were arrested by Crime Investigation Agency (CIA) team for looting citizens at gunpoint, bringing about embarrassment for police high-ups.

Police members have also been accused of morally policing and harassing couples in public areas. In August, a young couple in F-9 park of Islamabad was bullied by Capital Development Authority (CDA) officials and told to leave through separate pathways. When trying to leave through the woodland, the girl was sexually abused by park administration.

A video circulating on social media invites mockery for the specialised police force as it shows a member of Dolphin force holding hands with a girl riding on another motorbike. This is certainly ironic as police force frequently bullies and blackmails couples for public display of affection (PDA).

One cannot help but think of the English proverb “all are not saints, who go to Church”.