Cyprus president urges global migration strategy


UNITED NATIONS: The leader of the Mediterranean island of Cyprus is criticizing short-term moves to lock up migrants and is urging world leaders to work together on a global migration strategy instead.

President Nicos Anastasiades made his appeal Thursday at the UN General Assembly, where many leaders have spoken out about the challenges of mass migration flows.

The Cypriot leader said “instead of facing the root causes leading to massive migratory flows … we content ourselves in setting up immigration detention centers.”

He called on leaders to set aside conflicting interests and “reverse our policies of political expediency and … address the root causes that have led to this unprecedented situation” such as hunger and war.

He spoke as the European Union is deeply divided over how to deal with migrants coming from Africa and the Mideast seeking asylum or a better life.

Israeli and Palestinian leaders are preparing to take center stage within an hour of each other at the UN General Assembly.

Their speeches come a day after Donald Trump suggested for the first time as US president that he “liked” a two-state solution as the most effective way to resolve their conflict.

Also on the docket at the UN is a Security Council meeting chaired by the American secretary of state that will focus on North Korea and its nuclear programme.

Trump met Wednesday with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and told reporters he believes that two states — Israel and one for the Palestinians — “works best.” He has been vague on the topic, suggesting he would support whatever the parties might agree to.