Two CDA officials suspended after German ambassador’s tweet


Two officials of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) were suspended on Tuesday after German Ambassador Martin Kobler tweeted a picture of him in Islamabad standing besides a dumpsite.

Kobler, who has gained great social media fame for his regular tweets regarding Pakistan and his time in the country, tweeted the picture of himself next to the dumpsite, commenting on the solid waste disposal problem in the capital.

“Just driving through . There are beautiful parts, but there are also small dumpsites everywhere like here in F 7/4 street 56. It seems solid waste disposal does not work in many parts. Its also a health hazard and breeding ground for dengue moskitos! What can be done?” he said.


Soon after the tweet was made, the Director Sanitation suspended two officials, namely the supervisor and inspector responsible for the area in question.

There has been some buzz on social media regarding the happening, with some saying that Kobler’s tweet is unprecedented coming from a career diplomat, and unprofessional. A number of people also complained that this was a stretch from Kobler’s usual Pakistan-friendly tweets and messages.

“German ambassador’s unprecedented diplomatic move. Not that he is factually wrong but imagine all ambassadors doing the same in host countries? That will be a mess much much bigger than he is trying to help clean” commented journalist Talat Hussain.



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