Sunny Leone was almost part of ‘Game of Thrones’


HBO fantasy TV series Game of Thrones has given fans some pretty glorious characters, jaw-dropping violence and some of the most iconic phrases on television. Most actors would jump at the chance of being part of the show and in a recent interview, adult star and Bollywood actress Sunny Leone shared that she was “almost part” of the magnum opus.

“I got this message one day. This guy’s like, ‘I know it’s really last minute, but we want to cast you for a role in Game Of Thrones and I was like ‘Oh my God! No Way!’”, Sunny said in the interview, without going into details about the character she was asked to play.

“And then they sent the IMDb link to see who it was and then… It was fake!” Sunny remarked.

The Canadian-born Indian-American actor is currently ready with the second season of her web show, Karenjit Kaur: The Untold Story of Sunny Leone, on ZEE 5. It will document Sunny’s rise to fame as one of the most popular faces in the adult entertainment industry and her troubled relationship with her mother.

“I don’t know if my decisions are brave or just crazy. I haven’t figured it out yet,” Sunny had said about the show, adding, “The show was a lot harder to shoot than I thought it was going to be.”