Mysterious disease claims seven lives in Lower Dir


LOWER DIR: A mysterious disease has caused panic in Bareemki area of Lower Dir, claiming lives of seven people so far.

According to the health department in Lower Dir, an emergency has been declared following which blood samples of more than 300 affected people were collected and sent for tests.

However, it is not the first time deaths have been caused by this mysterious disease in Lower Dir. Locals said dozens of people have lost their lives since the past few years due to the disease, which has not been identified yet.

Lower Dir District Health Officer Dr Shaukat told media persons that a special ward has been set up on the emergency basis in the hospital of Chakdara in the district, while a dispensary has also been opened in the village to tend to the needs of locals throughout around the clock.

On the other hand, experts suggest awareness of different diseases among residents of the district was essential to prevent deaths.