Indian police thrash Hindu woman for marrying Muslim man


A video of a Hindu woman being thrashed by police officers last week over marrying a Muslim man has gone viral on social media, drawing backlash of the online users, the NDTV reported.

In the footage, apparently, film in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut, shows the unnamed woman in a police van being attacked and abused by four policemen who seem to have rescued her from a mob attack over the same ‘crime’.

The video was shot when the police were taking the couple to the police station in separate vehicles.

“You prefer Muslims when there are so many Hindus around,” a policeman was heard taunting the woman in the running car.

At this point, a woman constable among the personnel started beating the lady and removed the scarf she was using to cover her face with the beating continued.

The personnel involved in the attack have reportedly been suspended and a probe into the incident is underway.

On September 23, the woman and her Muslim friend, both medical students in their twenties, were targeted by a group of men, allegedly from the right-wing Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP).

The men barged into the man’s home, manhandled the pair and handed them over to the police.

The attackers accused the two of “love jihad”, a term used by right-wing groups to describe a relationship between a Hindu woman and a Muslim man.