Afghans should be given citizenship, say rights activists, PCB


(Disclaimer: this is a work of fiction. Learn to take a joke; you’ll live longer.)

Taking initiative and coming out swinging in favor of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s call to give nationalities to Afghans, rights activists all across the country joined by the Pakistan Cricket Board are campaigning to make sure that the PM keeps his promise.

“I think this would be really big step towards progress, and would place Pakistan as an immigrant friendly country in this increasingly xenophobic world” said the  Global Migration Group (GMG), a rights group advocating for immigrant rights all over the world. 

“Forget people born here, I’m so in support of this that I think we should actually bring people already living in Afghanistan over” said PCB Chairman Ehsan Mani.

“This is a constitutional and human victory” commented prominent rights activist Paolo Mendoza.

“I mean, these people are hard workers, as well as such great stroke makers. Plus they seem to have no fitness issues at all” said Chief Selector Inzamam ul Haq.

“It is the right thing to do” said another short yet firm press release from GMG.

“Plus they’re honest too, what with that Shehzad fellow reporting the bookies that tried to approach him” Ehsan Mani went on to say.

“Yes I do think we should not only give citizenship, but also call people over. I dunno, and this is just a hypothetical, but maybe we can start of with this Rashid Khan fellow I saw somewhere the other day. No particular reason, just a good place to start I think” ended Inzamam.