4 police officials involved in smuggling of goods in Karachi: report


An investigation report issued the other day identified four police officials allegedly involved in smuggling goods worth millions in Karachi, a private media outlet reported on Tuesday.

The report was dispatched by SSP West Dr Muhammad Rizwan to Karachi additional inspector general (AIG) after a crackdown against smugglers bringing in Iranian diesel, Chhalia (betel nut) and other goods illegally.

The report says that the District West police seized at least 27 vehicles containing 83000 litres of Iranian diesel and patrol while 16600 kilograms of Chhalia was also seized and suspects were booked.

The police arrested a number of suspects who revealed that at least eight top smugglers are operating in the area namely Zahid alias Bara Hath, Badshah Khan, Haji Mudeer, Ali Zehri Brohi, partners Gul Taj and Akbar, Haji Ismail Punghori, partners Gandhi and Ali and partners Shahzaib and Najeeb.

The SSP West claimed that investigation revealed that four police officers namely ASI Haji Shehbaz, ASI Anwer Ali, Head Constable Jamshed and Head Constable Waheed are also supporting and facilitating these smugglers due to “ulterior motives”.

The police officer added that these policemen turned off their phones as soon as inquiry against their illegal activities started.

The report presented by SSP West also points out 12 major routes that are being used for smuggling in the city and recommended deployment of police force along the routes in order to curb illegal trade.