Spat with mother leads to vanishing of Imaan Mazari’s Twitter account


–Human rights minister says she is ’embarrassed’ over her daughter’s criticism of army


Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari said she was embarrassed over her daughter’s constant criticism of the Pakistan Army, a WhatsApp conversation between the two posted by Imaan Mazari disclosed before her Twitter account vanished.

Imaan, daughter of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and serving minister Mazari, is known for her harsh tone towards the armed forces. She had shared a conversation of herself with her mother in which the latter expressed displeasure over the former’s behaviour.

Reacting to the recent Indo-Pak spat in which the Indian army chief whipped up war hysteria with Pakistan, Imaan had lashed out at the Pakistan Army over allegedly backing the militant groups in the held Kashmir.

In a WhatsApp message to her daughter, Mazari said, “You are again becoming an embarrassment.”

Screenshot of Imaan’s tweet

“You really need to stop giving in to your obsessive hatred of Pakistan Army,” she suggested, arguing that she loses all her rationality and credibility in doing so.

Mazari called her daughter’s actions “plain stupid and embarrassing” for her.

Disappointed at her mother’s message, Imaan said the human rights minister has paid a heavy price for her freedom. “I post this today without her consent because it is heartbreaking to see her suffer for something she has no control over,” she added.

Imaan vowed not to stay silent and exercise her right to free speech. “We disagree. Accept it. Get over it,” she wrote in her tweet.

Later on, Imaan’s Twitter account was nowhere to be seen as the micro-blogging termed her profile as “not found”.

Current status of Imaan’s Twitter account