Laddan Jafri’s grandson responds to Zameer Naqvi’s Karbala ‘resurrection’ story


Laddan Jafri became a familiar name on social media after Shia Zakir Zameer Naqvi narrated his story during a Majlis. 

According to the story, Laddan Jafri went to Karbala where he died after falling from a roof but his mother took his dead body to the mausoleum of Hazrat Abbas (RA), where he came back to life.


The story by the Shia Zakir became viral on the social media, becoming a target of different jokes and memes.

In the latest development, the reported grandson of Laddan Jafri, Murtaza Abbas Jafri expressed his displeasure over the social media reaction as he wrote: “I’m the grandson of Ghulam-e-Abbas Jafri aka Laddan Jafri. I just can’t take how everyone is disrespecting my late grandfather. He was a war veteran, served in the army in World War 2 and in Indo-Pak war.”

The ‘grandson’ further wrote that his grandfather was born in 1920, in Amroha, a small town in India.

“Before him, my great grandmother lost many children, all of them died before the age of 5. When my grandfather was born she decided to visit Karbala in 1923 for the sake of a long life of his son.”

“But over there he died after falling from a terrace onto a water tap, his teeth broke and he choked on them, or something like this. But he was pronounced dead. His mother was in a state of shock and was crying a lot. So the men there decided to keep the doors of the shrine of Hazrat Abbas (AS) open for the night and she can stay there. That night my grandfather woke up, call it a miracle, or he was pronounced dead,” he further explained, adding just google how many people have woken up after they died, it happens. “No kites were present,” he added.

Talking about Zameer Jafri, he wrote, “The way Zameer Akhtar told the story is beyond me. He narrated it in such a way that all of you end up making fun of him. Say whatever you guys want about Zameer Akhtar, I could care less. But this is hurting the image of my grandfather”.


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