Imaan Mazari returns to Twitter, explains her disappearance


–Shireen Mazari clarifies her daughter temporarily deactivated the account ‘without any external pressure’

A day after her profile “mysteriously” disappeared from Twitter, Imaan Mazari, the daughter of Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari, returned on Monday and explained what had happened.

“After things spiraled out of control yesterday, I decided to take a step back to collect my thoughts. One cannot even begin to explain the effect of these pressure tactics on one’s nerves (no matter how strong we believe ourselves to be). My intention is never to hurt,” she tweeted.

In a subsequent statement on her Twitter, Imaan said that she came back immediately because she believed in her right to free speech and that she wanted to exercise it. She even addressed how it was sad that this would affect her mother since “she was always targeted for her daughter’s opinions”.

Prior to Imaan’s tweets, Shireen Mazari also took to Twitter and said, “She chose to do so temporarily on her own so I have no doubt she will be back on twitter very soon! Frankly, there was no external pressure – although that would resonate in some quarters! Imaan would not yield to such pressure I can assure you!”

Imaan, daughter of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader and serving minister Mazari, is known for her harsh tone towards the armed forces.

On Sunday, reacting to the recent Indo-Pak spat in which the Indian army chief whipped up war hysteria with Pakistan, Imaan had lashed out at the Pakistan Army over allegedly backing the militant groups in the held Kashmir.

In a WhatsApp message to her daughter, Mazari said, “You are again becoming an embarrassment.” “You really need to stop giving in to your obsessive hatred of Pakistan Army,” she suggested, arguing that she loses all her rationality and credibility in doing so.

A screenshot of the conversation was shared by Imaan on her Twitter, after which her account was nowhere to be seen as the micro-blogging termed it “not found”.


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