VIDEO: Man alleges ‘army personnel’ manhandle him, target his wife’s ‘indecent clothing’ | Pakistan Today

VIDEO: Man alleges ‘army personnel’ manhandle him, target his wife’s ‘indecent clothing’

A resident of Lahore alleged that army security personnel at Fortress Stadium manhandled him and criticised his wife’s “indecent dress”.

Recalling the incident, Fahad Naeem took to his Facebook and wrote: “I’m shaken to my core after today’s incident. I’ve always considered army a prestigious institute and have supported them in any way possible my forefathers have served this country wearing the very same uniform which was misused against me today.”

Further sharing the details of the ordeal, Naeem wrote that he and his wife went to fortress stadium but were stopped at the entrance because they thought we’re some “typical GF/BF” and when he showed them their CNICs, they started chanting “indecent clothing” as his wife was wearing a pyjama with a cold shoulder top which had full sleeves.

“They started calling her names for her choice of dressing! Apparently she’s Behaya as she dresses in indecent clothing and I’m Baghairat  because I didn’t stop her,” wrote Naeem, adding that “a guy who was not in uniform stopped us and even after repeatedly asking him to give proof of him being an army personal he didn’t show me anything but insisted he was from military intelligence”.

“I went for my phone to record him and I was stopped, then I asked my wife to make a video and she was abused verbally. I started FB live and had to stop it because I was manhandled by 7 men, pointing guns at me and trying to take away my phone,” the citizen recalled.

Naeem further said that he asked them to show me any written order/instructions which they have about indecent clothing but they couldn’t do so because there is no such rule.

“Is this the Naya Pakistan we are working for?,” Naeem asked.

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