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Overseas ministry to be revamped to serve Pakistanis, investors: PM

JEDDAH: Prime Minster Imran Khan on Wednesday said that the overseas ministry would be revamped in such a way that it would genuinely serve the Pakistanis, investors and resolve their problems.

He was addressing a gathering of cross section of overseas community members here at King Palace.

At the outset of the informal gathering, the community members, ranging from Saudi based Pakistani businessmen, investors, doctors, teachers, educators, engineers, contractors and builders especially thanked the prime minister for giving the Overseas Pakistanis the opportunity for exchange of views.

The prime minister thanked the Pakistani community for reposing their confidence in his new government and underlined that the present government in Pakistan would work for the welfare of the masses in Pakistan and ensure respect for rule of law.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the Overseas Pakistanis would have a big role in ‘New Pakistan’. He said that Overseas Pakistanis had big potential and they would get all the citizenship benefits in a far better way.

He said that there was no doubt that the overseas Pakistanis affection with the motherland naturally attracted them to invest back at home in Pakistan. The prime minister said his government had taken up the great challenge to raise the economy.

He said the government would invite all the construction companies in Pakistan and provide them with a One-window operation and facilitation for investment in the construction sector.

He said that since coming to power, his fight had been against corrupt people and fighting corruption, and qabza groups. He revealed that in Islamabad, the government had started drive against encroachment, and till now had released property worth 300 billion rupees. The prime minister was responding to the community fears they face back home in the form of Qabza groups.

He said that keeping in view Pakistan’s geostrategic position, the country had huge potential to prosper and once the governance system improved and corruption was reined, the country would take off to new horizons of progress and prosperity.

Prime Minister Imran Khan said that the public response in the dam’s construction was great, and showed confidence that the dam would be made in five years.

He said that by opening up the governor houses, the new government was trying to change the colonial mindset of the people and promised that real welfare state would come to Pakistan.

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