Afghan envoy to India steps down after Ghani’s visit


Afghanistan’s ambassador to India Dr Shaida Abdali stepped down from his role as envoy shortly after the Afghan president paid a visit to India.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, the former ambassador announced his resignation, calling it a “tough but an appealing decision”.

Abdali said that after serving Afghanistan for years in India, he felt “the need to return and serve my country from within”.

“Serving in India for more than six years was indeed a great honour and privilege,” he wrote, adding: “India not only gave me a home feeling but added a wealth of knowledge and plethora of experience to my over two-decades-long political career.”

Dr Shaida Abdali’s decision came shortly after the Afghan president visited India. Times of India reported that on Wednesday President Ashraf Ghani met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi during a one-day visit to the country where they held talks on efforts to “further boost bilateral cooperation”.

In his tweets, the former ambassador said that “exceptional warmth, hospitality and friendship” was extended to him during his time in India, which he described as a “hallmark” in his political career, and added that he was “deeply grateful to the friendly people and government of India”.

The former Afghan ambassador said that during his tenure he had seen the two countries relationship “going from strength to strength”.