Twitter buzzing before #PakVsIndia match in Asia Cup


Arch-rivals Pakistan and India are all set to clash in the much-anticipated match for Asia Cup 2018 on Wednesday and fans are extremely excited.

Social media especially Twitter has been buzzing with excitement and anticipation.

Commenting on Hong Kong-India match played on Tuesday, one social media user wrote: “This Hong Kong side has seven Pakistanis in their playing XI. Tomorrow there will be eleven! .”

Talking about the war of memes before, during and after the match, one tweeted: “‘What do you expect from tomorrow’s match?'”


Preparing herself for both-win or loss-scenario, one user wrote: “All the stuff is ready…… 14 hours to go…”


Singer and actor Fakhar-e-Alam pointed out the ‘unnecessary hostility’ before the match and tweeted: “Definitely is a much-awaited game…But the unnecessary hostility being crafted on various TV talk shows is perhaps a little overdone. Let’s hope for a great game of cricket. Yes, we will all support our respective teams. We must also have the heart to respect the opposition.”

One teacher wrote about her student: “So this student just requested me to give him a short leave for tomorrow because of

While another gave different options for the protocol in the class during the match, one user wrote: “What’s the protocol for teachers with a class during a match?”