Pakistan’s leading makeup artists and their stars


A fancy ensemble can only get you so far! The right type of makeup can make your entire look; get it wrong and well, it’s a complete disaster. Makeup artists need to hit the nail on the head every single time, especially if they’re dealing with national celebrities and international events. That’s what makes these 5 MUAs the very best in the industry.

Qasim Liaqat

Qasim Liaqat

Winner of the Lux Style Awards 2018 and HAS ’18 Makeup and Hair Award, Qasim’s expertise is editorial and fashion makeup. Having worked on models for multiple shoots and covers, one of his best looks was for the Studio S campaign ‘Four Seasons Beauty’.

Versatile as ever, he also perfects the no-makeup look.

Nabila Maqsood of Nabila’s


Pioneering giant in the makeup industry, Nabila and her team have worked on more faces than one can count. Numerous celebrities flock to her salon to get dolled up for award functions, local events, shoots and so on.

The official Makeup partner for IIFA ’18, they’ll do everything, ranging from ZERO makeup looks, to bridals to editorials. And when we say no one does a bare face look better than Nabila’s, you really can’t argue!

Bina Khan 

A total wizard in her own right, for us, Bina Khan is the true makeup maestro. A lover of all things makeup, she constantly strives to evolve, experiment and create something new and different. Exceptionally talented, she excels in bridal makeup while dabbling in editorial frequently.

There’s not a single look by her that we do not love! Her signature halo eyes and mixed colour lips never cease to impress.

Fatima Nasir

Quickly establishing herself as one of the most sought after MUAs in the industry, with over 10 years of experience, she specializes in editorial, Avant Garde, TV & film, runway, and special effects makeup.

Fatima perfects each look, leaving no room for error, treating each face as a canvas on which she creates her art.

Omayr Waqar

Omayr Waqar

Nominee for the Best Makeup and Hair HSA, Omayr specializes in both bridal and editorial makeup. He has done some of his best work on celebrities such as Ayesha Omar and Mahira Khan, creating flawless and fresh looks.