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KE offers financial assistance to boy whose arms were amputated

K-Electric (KE) and the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights and K-Electric (KE) have agreed to extend several benefits, including financial assistance, to an eight-year-old resident of Karachi, Muhammad Umar whose arms were amputated after a high-tension wire fell on him, local media reports have informed.

However Muhammad Arif, the father of the boy, appeared to be dissatisfied over the offer and was of the view that the child should be sent to the United Kingdom to implant bionic arms.

The committee, chaired by Pakistan Peoples Party Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokhar and attended by Chief Executive Officer (CEO) KE Moonis Alvi decided that KE would provide Rs 1 million in cash, a monthly stipend of Rs25,000, which would increase at an annual rate of five per cent, and bear all his medical treatment expenses within the country. Apart from that, the committee also decided that KE would bear education expenses of the boy and offer him employment after he completes his studies.

KE CEO stated that the power utility would not be able to afford the child’s medical treatment in another country but all kinds of medical treatment facilities available in the country at present or in future would be provided to him.

It was also noted that the Sindh government has already promised to bear the boy’s medical expenses for his treatment abroad. However, Arif was not convinced and insisted that that the KE would bear the expenses of treatment if the government hesitated as he was of the opinion that sometimes funds were not released by the government despite such announcements.

The boy’s father also demanded that the expenses of education equal to the fee of Institue of Business Administration (IBA) should be provided to him and he should have the authority to decide which education institution his son should attend.

However, KE representatives were of the opinion that they would only transfer the fee to the educational institution rather than handing over it to the father, adding that there was a possibility that the boy might not get admission in IBA.

Senator Khokhar was of the opinion that though there could be no substitute of the lost hands/arms but the offer extended to the boy and his father appeared to be reasonable. He remarked that Arif should either accept the offer or file a petition in a court.

Arif said he was indecisive over the matter and would make a final decision after discussing it with his family. He added that he wanted to secure his son’s future.

Umar was critically injured on August 24, when a high-tension wire fell on his left arm. He used his other hand to try and remove the wire, but the high voltage quickly caused severe burns on both the arms.

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