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Heirs of amputation victim withdraw case against K-Electric

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court on Wednesday granted bail to seven officials of the K-Electric in a case pertaining to the amputation of an eight-year-old boy’s both arms after electrocution in Karachi.

A bench of the high court approved bail for the accused when it was informed that the parents of the victim have taken back the case against the power utility after reaching an agreement.

The court directed the K-Electric officials to submit a surety of Rs50, 000 each. It further instructed the investigation officer to present a copy of the deal reached between the parties before the trial court concerned.

According to the agreement, the K-Electric will bear complete expenses of the child’s treatment, besides paying Rs 25,000 to his family every month. The parents of the victim would also get an amount equivalent to 300 units of electricity each month.

Earlier on August 25, Umer of Ahsanabad also lost his arms due to a similar incident where he became the target of electrocution after a loose wire fell on him.

Earlier, a child became the target of electrocution in Karachi due to a loose high tension wire, only a day after a minor was reported to have gone through a similar incident.

As per reports, a resident of Karachi’s Surjani Town, 11-year-old Haris was electrocuted from a loose low hanging high tension wire after he slipped and fell from the second floor of a madrassa and grabbed the wire for support. Consequentially, the minor had to get both of his arms amputated due to severe burns.

Harris’ father has taken legal action again K-Electric for the negligence exhibited with high tension wires and presently the family awaits action to unfold.

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