VIDEO: ‘I will never regret Kargil’, reiterates Gen Musharraf | Pakistan Today

VIDEO: ‘I will never regret Kargil’, reiterates Gen Musharraf

Former army chief and military ruler General (r) Pervaiz Musharraf reiterated that he will “never regret Kargil War”.

In a clip of a documentary, Insha’ Allah Democracy, being made on him, the former COAS can be seen giving an interview to an Indian news channel that he will never regret Kargil.

“I joined the military and put on my uniform to fight,” the former president of Pakistan said, adding that he “cried when Pakistan lost East Pakistan but he also felt happy when Pakistan won”.


“Is that a right answer?” he asked the Indian TV anchor.

After the interview, Musharraf said that anchor made him over-emotional. “They just don’t understand the military mindset and talk about the casualties, war and such things,” he said, adding that armies like Denmark, Italy and Norway have such concerns but not us.

“If you join the army, you do it to fight and if you are not ready for this then why are you in the army,” the ex-military dictator asked.

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