Remembering Ustad Amanat Ali on his death anniversary with his best ghazals


Ustad Amanat Ali Khan is considered to be one of the best classical and ghazal singers of sub-continent. Born in Patiala Gharana, the maestro registered himself as a singer, and is loved in both India and Pakistan because of his soulful voice which touches the heart strings in the most beautiful manner.

Though Ustad was majorly a classical singer, his ghazals are also considered one of the best because of his adaygi and control over his voice.

The maestro passed away on September 17, 1974, leaving a rich legacy of music behind.

Here are five of Khan’s most memorable ghazals:

1. Insha Ji Utho, possibly one of his most famous ghazals penned by famous writer and poet Ibn-Insha. The longings and touch of sadness in the poetry has been expressed brilliantly by the legend.

2. Yesh Arzoo Thi by Khawaja Haidar Ali Aatish is a beauty in itself and Ustad Amanat has justified the poetry with his mature and expressive singing. Ustad sang the ghazal in PTV’s program Nikhaar in 1974 and legends like Akhlaq Ahmad, Malika Pukhraj, Qateel Shifaii, Ashfaq Ahmad, and Ghulam Ali Nazir Begum (singer) were present in the audience.

3. Yeh Naa Thi Hamari Kismat by Urdu poet Asadullah Baig Khan Ghalib has become more legendary after Ustad Amanat Ali sang it. The emotions in his voice are apt and match the poetry.

4. Meri Daasatan-e-Hasrat by Saifudin Saif has been sung by many other singers including Aziz Mian Qawaal and Munni Begum, but Ustad Amanat Ali was probably the first singer who sang it and nailed it.

5. Ik Khalish Ko Hum Nay Hasil-e-Umr-e-Rawaan by Adeeb Saharanpuri is less famous ghazal sang by Ustad Amanat Ali Khan. The singing and poetry, however, is a masterpiece both in terms of words and Adaygi of the maestro.