Political pressure allegedly influence transfer of sub-engineers


Four sub-engineers were allegedly transferred by the Bahawalpur chief engineer, just days after their posting in a political move.

According to reports in the local media, the transfers were made a few days after Prime Minister Imran Khan addressed civil servants in Islamabad and assured them that the bureaucracy will be protected from political pressure.

Sub Engineers Association, Bahawalnagar, President Malik Akhtar said that, “Transfers were made in sheer violation of rules and the Prime Minister’s vision,” adding that if the “transfers are not withdrawn, we have the right to protest against the decision.”

The reasons behind the transfers are not known.

A sub engineer seeking anonymity revealed that Superintending Engineer (SE) Ghulam Rasool Gohar called a meeting of Sub Engineers, XENs and SDOs and directed repairwork on the canal outlets of Murad Canal which were damaged by influential landlords of the area.

However, the subordinates argued that this will irk the political people of the area and landlords. But SE Ghulam Rasool assured them of their positions. The repair work was met with protests by the locals and soon after the officers involved in the project were transferred from their positions.

It is believed by those affected believe that the transfers were made on the directions of Irrigation Minister Mohsin Laghari and Food Minister Sami Ullah Ch. While the irrigation minister and chief engineer of Bahawalpur did not respond to queries regarding the matter, the food minister said that the transfers were made on directions of the Punjab chief minister, adding that the sub engineers do not fall in the bureaucracy category.