VIDEO: President Alvi criticised over wife’s ‘royal protocol’ | Pakistan Today

VIDEO: President Alvi criticised over wife’s ‘royal protocol’

Amid the criticism surrounding President Dr Arif Alvi’s protocol despite ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government’s claims of promoting austerity, the state head again came under fire for the ‘royal commute’ of his wife.

In a video that is making rounds in social media, Mrs Alvi can be seen walking to her convoy comprising several vehicles for her security and protocol at the Islamabad airport. She was reportedly travelling from Karachi.


The video was shared by a social media user who was told to stop recording footage by deployed policemen.

“In Naya Pakistan, not just the rulers but their families are also enjoying VIP protocols on taxpayers’ money. I still remember the lectures of Imran Khan and other leaders of PTI on simplicity when they were in opposition,” a Twitter user commented.

Another said, “A day after President Arif Alvi caught with VIP protocol of 28 cars and his clarification, today Arif Alvi’s wife filmed enjoying royal protocol in Naya Pakistan, nine cars of President House carried her stuff, 70 police on duty and VIP route declared for two hours. Paid by taxpayers.”

There were also some reports claiming that a taxi driver, who shot the video, was taken into custody by the law enforcement personnel.

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