IMAGES: Public leave piles of garbage on Punjab Governor House opening day


Following its promise, the federal government opened the gates of Punjab Governor House for the public for the very first time on Sunday and public throng to the house.

The pictures after the public visit, however, are telling a disturbing story as the citizens of Lahore left piles of garbage on the lawn of the house. In the pictures, the empty bottles, wrappers, plastic bags, and plastic cups can be seen on the ground of the governor house.

The crows had their own feast after the people left.

The lush green lawn of the governor house was left with plastic bags all around.

People even plucked fruits from the trees of the governor house.

Even the plants were also destroyed by the citizens of Lahore. When someone tried to stop a person, he said, “I am breaking small plant sapling because it has been planted with my tax money.”

Punjab Governor House seemed like a garbage dump following the tour by the masses.

The after effects of the public visit can also be seen in this photograph.