VIDEO: Policeman shoots own colleague while aiming for bandit


In yet another show of irresponsible behaviour by police authorities, a policeman was shot in the leg by his own colleague while he was taking aim at a robber who was trying to run away.

In a video available on the social media, Rawalpindi police personnel can be seen escorting two reported robbers when one of them tries to escape on a motorbike. In a bid to stop the bandit from escaping, a policeman fires multiple rounds from behind, hitting another policeman who was running behind the robber.

The injured policeman can be seen sitting on the ground as the video ends.

What is more worrisome is that the policeman was firing his weapon blindly, showing a lack of proper training and absence of protocols in such scenarios. The bullets fired by the policeman could’ve hit any passerby resulting in serious injuries at the least.

Incidents like these are not uncommon in Pakistan. On August 13, a 10-year old girl, Amal Umer, was on her way to a concert when she was killed during a police encounter with robbers in Karachi’s Defence area.

The police confirmed that the bullet that killed the girl was fired by a policeman in a bid to shoot the robber.