Palijo says Kalabagh Dam is not acceptable


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party leader Senator Sassi Palijo has said that to impose a ‘disputed’ dam on the parliament and the people is utter ‘disrespect’ of the nation.

In a statement, she said that the provincial assemblies of three provinces have rejected the Kalabagh Dam and whoever would support this ‘rejected’ dam would face strong resistance. She said that the people of Sindh were facing acute shortage of water and only 30% of land was cultivated this year.

She said that talking about the Kalabagh Dam amounts to rub salt on the wounds of the people. Senator Palijo said that because of lack of water downstream Kotri barrage, thousands of land in Thatta and Badin has been eaten by the sea water. According to international law, she said Sindh has the most right of use of water.