Clinic introduces teleconsultation service to connect Pakistani patients with doctors abroad


ISLAMABAD: A patient in Pakistan can now get health facilities from advanced healthcare markets of the US and the UK by using innovative digital technology and state-of-the-art telemedicine Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and through a live link via the Shfa4U portal.

American Tele Clinic, which was inaugurated in Rawalpindi recently, offers teleconsultation service where the users will be connected to top consultant physicians in the US and UK and healthcare system through a live link via the Shfa4U portal and universal EMR in presence of a local doctor.

Talking to Pakistan Today, American Tele Clinic’s Chief Medical Officer Dr Tayyab Saeed Akhter shed light on its functioning and said that the service is offered online and Shifa4u physician will take the medical history and create EMR.

He said that the case will then be assigned to the relevant consultant or physician abroad and the patient will receive the expert opinion in written as well as video format.

Dr Tayyab went on to say that majority of the patients cannot go abroad, hence they will be able to get a second opinion from the US while sitting in Pakistan, which would not only save them time but huge travelling cost.

He said that their mission is to revolutionise healthcare delivery in cash based healthcare markets. “We are using cutting-edge technology to consolidate quality healthcare services available in those markets, integrate them with advanced international healthcare systems and eventually connect the whole network directly with patients to make quality health services accessible and affordable,” he added.

To a question, he said that since they launched the programme recently, they would soon contact the federal and the provincial governments and even hospitals running under Pakistan army to get benefit from the technology.