Rising intolerance: Man refuses procedural stamp by Hindu in CMH


A man refused to get his procedure slip stamped by a Hindu worker in uniform during his visit to the Cardiac Emergency Unit of Lahore’s Combined Military Hospital (CMH).

According to a Twitter thread posted by user Leenah Nasir, a disappointing incident was witnessed at the hospital where an old man, presumably a veteran and in his 70s, was furious to know that a Hindu man was employed by the Pakistan Army.

He was waiting in the line to get a procedure slip stamped. On his return, he was told that a man named Krishan Laal will do the needful at which he abruptly asked who the guy was.

When the staff member identified himself, the old man asked, “Are you a Hindu?”

Upon being responded with a node, the man, while expressing his discomfort, said, “Fauj paak hai. Is main hindu ka kia kaam? (Our army is pure. Why does a Hindu have to be in it?)”

Nasir added, “The other guy sepoy straightened, and spoke with a resoluteness ‘Pak fauj mulk ka wahid idara hai jis main hum Quaid e Azam kay farmaan kay mutabiq mazhab ka farq nahi rakhtay! (Pakistan Army is the only institution in which no discrimination is made on the basis of religion in accordance with Quaid-e-Azam’s vision).”

Taken aback by the answer, the old man shouted and refused to follow the procedure. Another man in uniform told him that his stamp will be stamped by someone else and the matter was quickly dissolved.


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