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FHRI, RPL hold human rights education workshop for teachers

LAHORE: Fazaldad Human Rights Institute (FHRI) and Rice Partners (Pvt) Ltd (RPL) in collaboration with Mars Food on Saturday organised a one-day teachers training workshop on human rights education to raise awareness of the concept.

The workshop featured presentations, group work, games and other activities to help the participants not only understand the concepts of human rights education but also to internalise them in their respective plans and policies.

Aimed at ensuring that all participants are provided with knowledge, attitudes and skills to promote human rights, child rights, rights of minorities and women empowerment, the workshop gathered more than 50 teachers from different schools of Sheikhupura district.

Project Officer Rizwan Ali informed the participants about the working of FHRI and said that the institute was the most experienced organisation in the country on human rights and democracy training. “Our training programmes have reached over 75,000 teachers, judges, police officers, bureaucrats and elected local bodies’ representatives. 170,000 students have been the direct beneficiaries of our programmes while indirect beneficiaries run into millions.”

FHRI Senior Trainer Waqas A Khan introduced the concept of human rights to the participants and told them about the rights granted to citizens in the constitution of the country. He said that while all rights were of equal importance, there was a need to pay special attention to the ones to education, social security, standards of living, health and health services and access to information.

Sheikhupura District Education Officer Misbah Tallat, at the occasion, highlighted the importance of women rights with reference to women empowerment and said that the dream of a developed Pakistan could not be fulfilled without empowering women.

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