Parents pin hopes on new Punjab education minister


Education Minister Murad Raas on Thursday held a meeting with Parents Action Committee (PAC).

A large number of parents from different schools also attended the meeting and discussed unlawful high and unjustified increase in fees. It is worth-mentioning that the private schools had increased their monthly fees by more than five percent in violation of the rules, court orders and without permission from the Education Department.

The minister promised to hold parents’ meeting once in a month. PAC president Mr Ayub was also present on the occasion.

The parents of many other schools vowed not to pay fee of the current months. The parents said, ‘The owners of these schools are so powerful that they are least bothered about court orders and the regulator – the Education Department. They increase their fee whatever they want and wish. No one can ask them. Their fees vary from campus to campus and from city to city’.

The PAC and parents asked Minister Murad Raas to take action against these private schools on which he promised many things and also asked them to give him some time.

The PAC has been working on the idea of ‘parent bodies in every single branch’ for the past few months. It even managed to make a commission on it along with the government. But the private schools have shown utmost displeasure on the idea of parents’ involvement.

The PAC and parents told the minster that they only wanted the implementation of LHC orders as the minister was scheduled to hold meeting with the private schools owners later this month.