VIDEO: Muslim kid beaten up by bullies in London


Amid reports of Muslim families pulling their children out of mainstream schools owing to the fear of bullying and being called terrorists by other children, a young Muslim boy has been beaten up in yet another Islamophobic incident that reportedly took place in the United Kingdom.

In a video making rounds over the internet, three bullies can be seen viciously attacking a Muslim boy as a fourth one looks on, laughing and filming the incident.

“Get on your knees and pray to Allah,” one of the attackers can be heard as saying while continuing to assault the young boy.

The video, shot in the Feltham town of west London, has drawn the ire of several social media users – both Muslims and non-Muslims – ever since it was uploaded on Monday.

Condemning the cowardice incident, they wrote:

“Three racist bullies heading for a life in prison,” wrote another user.

As the video continues to circulate over social media, the authorities have not responded to the incident so far.