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Police is under no pressure, says Sindh IGP

–Provincial police chief says strategy to curb street crimes to be implemented on modern lines

KARACHI: Sindh Inspector General of Police (IGP) Kaleem Imam on Thursday said that the police is “under no pressure and continues to work independently”.

While addressing the media, the recently-posted provincial police chief said, “The police department will work honestly and with good intentions.”

“It is our responsibility to protect Karachi. We will make every possible effort to bring improvements,” IGP Imam said, adding that amendments will be made to the law that governs the police department.

“We will reward those in the department who are working hard, but strict action will be taken against those found involved in any misdemeanour,” the Sindh police chief stressed.

Speaking about Karachi’s Safe City Project, IGP Imam said that the project should have been started a long time back.

The police chief also mentioned the missing children issue in the city. “Missing children are a serious issue. We have recovered quite a few missing minors but many are yet to be found,” he noted.

In response to a question, IGP Imam praised the performance of former Sindh IGP AD Khowaja. “We will continue all praiseworthy efforts of former police chiefs. We will hire SHOs on merit and those who will not perform shall be removed,” the police chief said.

Furthermore, the Sindh IGP also said he will make efforts to improve the environment of police stations and resolve any related issues.


Sindh IGP said a strategy to curb the street crimes in Karachi is being further strengthened on modern lines with the major focus on prevention.

Imam, who had assumed his responsibility as the chief of Sindh police on Wednesday and offered fateha at the mausoleum of the father of nation said a professional approach is being adopted to improve policing across the province.

To a query, he said the confidence reposed on him to serve in the city where he was born was an honour for him, adding that he would ensure that huge sacrifices rendered by the personnel of Sindh police department in the line of duty are retained.

He said no major changes will be made by him in the department and he would ensure that a based approach is adopted to counter criminals and enemies of the society as well as anti-national elements.

He said the focus will be paid on improving the public confidence on the police department with special measures to improve the environment at police stations, turning them public friendly and easily accessible to the complainants, without any distinction.

He said the good work that was done by the former police chiefs will be continued further.

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