Govt yet to give Asian Indoor Games 2017 winners reward money | Pakistan Today

Govt yet to give Asian Indoor Games 2017 winners reward money

The medal winners of Asian Indoor Games 2017 are still waiting for the reward money promised to them by the government. The Pakistani athletes won 2 Gold, 3 Silver and 16 Bronze medals in the games, held in Turkmenistan last year.

While talking to Pakistan Today, Ambreen Ashiq, the Bronze medalist, said that at the closing ceremony of the games, the former sports minister and Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) director general promised the athletes that they will be given reward money right after reaching the country.

“According to policy, Rs5 million is given to the gold medalist, R3 million to the silver and Rs1.5 million to the bronze medalist,” Ashiq said, adding that now the PSB claims that they don’t have any such policy.

“Even if the board pays, it will be in instalments of suppose Rs0.1 million.”

The athlete further said that other countries regularly pay their athletes to keep them motivated, while in Pakistan it is the opposite.

“We do everything on our own but still don’t get any appreciation or reward from the government,” she remarked.

“Pakistan won only one medal in recently held Asian Games, which shows the state and value of sport in the country,” she asserted.

Ashiq emphasised that the government must pay them the promised amount else the athletes will be demoralised further and that will effect performances and output.