Youth accuses police of torturing him to force ‘confession’


A young male resident of Mian Channu, Khanewal, has accused local police of torturing him on the suspicion that he owned weapons illegally, local media reported on Wednesday.

The victim, Adnan, said he was taken to the Talamba Police Station on Tuesday, where officials tied him to a charpoy and beat him with sticks and shoes over the night. He said he still bore bruises on his back from the torture, the report added.

He claimed that the police had tortured him to force a confession that he owned unlicensed weapons.

Five police constables and an assistant sub-inspector were involved in the torture, Adnan said, adding that the investigation officer seemed to be drunk.

A medical examination report from the DHQ Hospital confirmed that Adnan bore marks of torture on his body, the report said, adding that the docket that allowed Adnan to get a medical examination from DHQ Hospital was issued by a district magistrate after the police refused to do so.

As per the procedure in cases of this nature, the police must issue a docket to the complainant to get a medical examination from DHQ Hospital.

Following Adnan’s allegations, the residents of the area have been protesting against police brutality. Deputy Superintendent of Police Falak Shabbir had said that he does not have enough information about the incident and will investigate.