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Joint session of parliament postponed till Monday

ISLAMABAD: A joint session of the parliament summoned by President Dr Arif Alvi for Thursday has been postponed till Monday.

The president had on Wednesday summoned a joint session of both the houses of the parliament, which was scheduled for Thursday at 4pm.

According to the Article 54 (1) of the constitution, the president may summon either one house or both houses of the parliament in joint sitting to meet at such time and place as he thinks fit and may also prorogue the same.

According to constitutional provisions, the president has also to address a joint session of parliament at the beginning of the first session of the National Assembly after a general election, as well as the first sitting of the assembly every parliamentary year.

The joint session scheduled for Monday will be the first formal session of after election and swearing-in of the new prime minister, speaker and the deputy speaker.

Former president Mamnnon Hussain addressed the joint session of parliament four times, Asif Ali Zardari addressed the joint session of parliament six times during his tenure, while his predecessor General (r) Pervez Musharraf made the address once during his tenure of eight years and 10 months.

Former presidents General Ziaul Haq and Ghulam Ishaq Khan had the opportunity to address parliament on five occasions.

Prime Minister Imran Khan, members of the federal cabinet and parliament, chief ministers, governors, ambassadors, diplomats, members of civil society and important personalities from different segments of life are likely to attend the joint session.

Special passes will also be issued for the auspicious occasion.

All leading entry and exit points would be strictly monitored and no vehicle would be allowed to enter the federal capital without a thorough search.

Moreover, Rangers officials along with police will be deployed to ensure foolproof security.

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