Pakistani sets friend’s car ablaze in Dubai over loan


DUBAI: A Pakistani set his friend’s car on fire for delaying repayment of a loan, the Gulf News newspaper reported.

The Dubai Court of First Instance heard the case as the arsonist went on trial. The defendant confessed to the crime, admitting that he had set ablaze the car’s cabin using a lighter. The incident occurred in the Al Quoz Industrial area of Dubai.

The man told the judge that he had loaned his friend money but the friend kept delaying payment, and later started to avoid his calls. He committed the arson after the money was not returned in the wake of his wife’s illness.

“I loaned him money and later I asked him to return the money as my wife was sick and I needed money for her treatment,” the defendant explained. The arson occurred on July 13 when the victim, also a Pakistani, parked his car near company accommodation. The defendant called the victim sometime later to inform him that his car was on fire.

The victim, 24, said that the car was not found where he had left it when he rushed to check it. “I called my friend back who told me that he saw my car burning behind the labour camp. I ran to the place and saw firefighters trying to extinguish the blaze,” the victim stated, according to official records.

Dubai Police investigated the incident and discovered papers and a lighter in the car’s cabin. The defendant has been remanded in police custody and awaits a verdict to be issued on September 20.