Civil servants expect the least of reforms: report


The civil servants expect the least of the reforms initiated by Prime Minister Imran Khan who also formed a task force to make recommendations for the purpose.

According to a local media report, the ToRs of the task force include “preparing recommendations for the government for legislation purpose; devising a public service structure at federal and provincial levels; and looking into policies over human resource, management, recruitment, training, and career planning,” which is headed by former State Bank of Pakistan’s governor Dr Ishrat Hussain.

It was reported that bureaucrats are not happy and some have expressed reservations about the way the reforms issue is being handled.

Moreover, the announcement of the task force for reforms by the PTI government has cracked the gaps further as a majority of the civil servants, other than those of PAS, describe the move as the continuation of the status quo. They say that the ‘one-sided’ task force is formed without any due consideration.

The previous government had also attempted to reform the civil service but it abandoned the plan for unknown reasons while the two standing committees constituted for the revision of the Civil Service Act and the Federal Public Service Commission also resulted in vain.



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