PM-CJP dams fund attracts trolls


Prime Minister Imran Khan’s request to overseas Pakistanis to contribute in the dam fund during an “important” 15-minute address to the nation has attracted trolls on social media who have been tweeting from fake profiles of different celebrities and public figures offering their “contribution” for the fund.

Earlier on September 3, the CJP had also called in a live programme on a private news channel to discuss dam funds.

However, there is confusion if the trolls are linked to some members of PTI’s social media team previously alleged for making fake accounts to endorse PM Imran through tweets or if this new brand of trolls is trolling the ruling party as well.

“Who are these impostors fooling? The PTI government or the opposition?,” Umer Cheema, an investigative journalist, probed.

A fake account of PM Imran recently made the claim that a 10 per cent tax will be applicable on roadside beggars which will go towards the dam fund. The account urged beggars to “beg not only for themselves but the entire nation”.

“10% dam fund tax imposed on all beggars roaming in streets and begging for money. Apnay liye mangte ho, ab qoam kay liye bhe mango!!,” the impostor tweeted.

Angelina Jolie reportedly planned to donate “$20,000” for dam fund. She also quoted a motivational anecdote to encourage people to follow her example.

“I will donate $200000 for Pakistan’s dam fund. Little drops of water make the mighty ocean,” the fake account tweeted.

Pakistani-American billionaire Shahid Khan made news for his exuberant generosity when he decided to donate $1 billion towards the dam fund in a highly lauded move.

“Shahid Khan promised to donate $1 billion for dam fund, this shows us that we are still UNITED, all thanks to Imran Khan?#DamsForPakistan,” the tweet that sparked the news reported.

A ‘fake’ fake account of the billionaire, however, was eager to confirm the news as false.

“These are just rumours. I have only given $1000 in dams fund for Pakistan,” the doubly fake Shahid Khan tweeted.

Former military dictator Pervez Musharraf also announced that he would be donating $10 million towards the Diamer-Bhasha dam. In order to ward off confusion as to how he will fund his surprising generosity, he added that he will be selling all of his properties in Dubai and the United Kingdom.

“I am proud to announce a donation worth $10 million in PM/CJP Dam Fund, I am selling all of my properties in Dubai and UK. My country is my pride. Pakistan Zindabad.”

This would include his Avenfield and Parkland flats.

Mia Khalifa, webcam model, also joined in and announced: “30% of earnings from all of my videos will go towards the dam fund. Watch my videos if you want to help Pakistan.”

Apparently, a photoshopped front page of a national newspaper was also released in which Jinnah urges upon all Pakistanis to “donate for partition fund”.

The provincial minister responsible for sharing the picture later deleted his tweet for “factual inaccuracies”.

Earlier, a parody account of Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerburg had tweeted: “Facebook will participate by donating $5 million in dam fund.”

“Pakistan’s new government seems serious in making dams,” it had added.

The account was later taken off Twitter.