KP minister says sorry for tweet on Jinnah


KP Minister for Local Government, Elections and Rural Development and PTI leader Shahram Tarakai on Monday sought an apology for posting factually incorrect information on Twitter about Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah.

The minister became target of scrutiny by social media users after tweeting incorrect information on his official Twitter account.

The tweet showing a newspaper clipping cited unverified information of Quaid-e-Azam appealing overseas Pakistanis for the partition fund.

“In his radio address to the nation, Governor-General Pakistan Muhammad Ali Jinnah has appealed to overseas Pakistanis to deposit money in partition fund,” read the clipping.

The tweet was later deleted after facing backlash while Tarakai issued an apology saying, “A tweet was deleted from my TL because of factual inaccuracies. The error is regretted.”


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