Civil servants continue the ‘misuse’ of vehicles: report


Despite the strict measures announced by the new government, more than Rs700 million is still being spent on fuel and maintenance of vehicles run by 41 ministries and divisions.

Moreover, Prime Minister Imran Khan had decided to auction more than 100 luxury cars because the misuse of vehicles is a massive burden on the national exchequer.

According to a local media report, the official figures compiled by the Establishment Division, the government spent Rs622 million on as many as 398 vehicles run by various ministries and divisions between January 2013 and January 2017.

Similarly, 41 ministries spent Rs403 million on fuel for these 398 vehicles and as much as Rs218 million was spent on their maintenance.

As quoted in the report, “the cumulative amount of Rs622 million does not include millions of rupees spent by the federal government every month on senior bureaucrats of BS-20, BS-21 and BS-22 in this regard.”

In 2012, the government implemented the new policy of providing transport to civil servants in order to cut down on expenses. However, this facility has been misused by several senior civil servants despite getting a good amount of salary. Therefore, the new PTI government is set to take strict measures to minimize the misuse of funds.

A senior official in the Establishment Division told the local media outlet that “soon after the government stopped giving out cars to bureaucrats, departments and divisions started purchasing new vehicles for “official use.”



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