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Sheikh Rasheed announces Rs10 ‘dam tax’ on railway tickets

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed on Saturday announced that a tax worth Rs1 to Rs10, varying according to different ticket prices, would be added to the price of train tickets as the Ministry of Railways’ contribution for the Diamer-Bhasha dam fund.

The federal minister made the announcement while speaking here at a deal-signing event in which the Ministry of Railways and the Jamshoro Power Company Limited (GENCO-I) made an agreement on coal supply.

According to the federal minister, the ‘dam tax’ would pour in an additional Rs100 million annually.

“The price of a Rs100 ticket will be hiked by Rs1 in order to collect money for the dam fund,” he wrote in a tweet, adding that “railway will donate Rs100 million to the dam fund annually”.

In today’s world, “if a beggar is given Rs10, they would throw it away,” said Rasheed. “So this would become the Ministry of Railways’ contribution to the dam fund.”

In response to a question as to why people were being forced to pay out of their own pockets instead of the ministry giving a contribution itself, he said: “I am ‘Sheikh’ Rasheed, not Malik Riaz, the Sheikhs always make such decisions.”

Moreover, Rasheed lauded the fact that Pakistan’s civil and military leadership were on the same page. He noted that the employment tenure for contract officers of the information technology (IT) industry was being extended by a year.

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