Seminar discusses role of Ulema in curbing Islamophobia

  • Speakers call on Muslim societies to build close linkage between Ulema and educational institutions

ISLAMABAD: Speakers in a seminar titled “Role of Ulema for promotion of peace and inclusiveness in Muslim society” have called upon the Muslim societies to devise a comprehensive strategy against Islamophobia by establishing close linkage between Ulema and educational institutions.

The seminar was held at the Islamic Research Institute (IRI) of the International Islamic University Islamabad (IIUI) with Shaikh Al-Azhar’s Advisor Muhammad Mohanna as its chief guest. Speaking on the occasion, he said Islamophobia is a lethal plan against Muslims by few negative elements who have a very clear idea about Islam’s message of peace but they are trying to deteriorate its image.

“Islam is religion of peace, love and tranquility, Muslims will have to protect this image and they must disseminate the actual image across the world,” continued Dr Mohanna.

He termed ‘Paigham-e-Pakistan’ as a vital narrative for Muslim world and said that Al-Azhar supports this important effort of the Pakistani Ulema.

IIUI Rector Dr Masoom Yasinzai said that Ulema have unprecedented role in promotion of ‘Paigham-e-Pakistan’, adding that the narrative was being recognized even in the United Nations. He gave a glimpse of the efforts of IRI and IIUI in the formation, dissemination and promotion of the ‘Paigham-e-Pakistan’ narrative.

Dr Yasinzai also hailed Al-Azhar for its continued cooperation and said that IIUI was getting crucial support from Al-Azhar in the form of Egyptian teachers. He thanked Al-Azhar and Dr Mohanna for  cooperation with IIUI.

Speaking on the occasion, IRI Director General Dr Ziaul Haq apprised the audience about objectives of the seminar and thanked the participants. He elaborated the role of Ulema in promotion of peace in societies.


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