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Govt makes new appointments in IB

ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) government has started the process of new appointments to activate Pakistan’s most important civil investigation institution Intelligence Bureau (IB) immediately and on Defence Day, services of six well-reputed officers were handed over to the IG in this regard.

As per media reports, orders to take over new responsibilities on urgent basis have been issued to these six officers from Police Group Pakistan (PSP). These officers include 21-grade officer Sardar Ali Khan, 20-grade officer Muhammad Farooq Mazhar and Abdul Khaliq Sheikh, grade-19 officer Sajid Kiani, grade-19 officer Capt (r) Rohail Akram and grade-19 officer Captain (r) Tahir Ayub.

Sources disclosed that PTI government wants to lessen the dependence on Pakistan Army and its intelligence agencies in sensitive civil matters, especially money laundering, fake bank accounts, terrorism, and financial assistance to terrorists so that intelligence agencies of the army can focus more on the completion of higher objectives.

According to sources, the selected six officers are very well reputed and the institution has high expectations from them.

Soon better reputed and famous officers will be appointed in IB, they added.

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