VIDEO: Shopkeepers brutally beat women over alleged theft in Lahore


–Two suspects arrested after CM takes notice over viral video

LAHORE: Police on Thursday arrested two shopkeepers who had assaulted women for allegedly stealing from their cloth shop in the Batapur area of the provincial capital.

According to police, an investigation is underway from suspects Adnan and Ijaz and a case has been registered against them.

Earlier in the day, in a video circulating on social media, the shopkeepers were seen beating up two women brutally, over an alleged theft. Moreover, it could be seen that other shopkeepers were standing near without doing anything about the incident.

The video showed two women sitting in a garment shop when a man took hold of a bamboo stick and started beating them up. These women have stolen Rs35,000 worth of clothes from my shop, the shopkeeper alleged.


In the second part of the video, another man started slapping the women on their faces and then beating them with kicks and punches while the other shopkeepers did not stop him.

The people on social media criticised the act as one wrote: “Punjab has gone through dark ages and desperately needs an education emergency or such shameless acts will remain on display.”

Another individual wrote: “Let’s see if these two women don something wrong whatever these people did it’s totally wrong they have women In their homes they should hand over to this woman to police so lets the law decided for the punishment know these people get hanged.”

Demanding punishment for the men, one wrote: “What crap is this. This guy should be punished severely.”

After the video went viral, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Buzdar had taken notice of the incident and summoned a report from Inspector General of Police (IGP).


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