PM Khan in new look? Beard oil company draws attention over marketing tactic


Digital advertising is reaching new heights every day in terms of content generation and people are confused whether to appreciate the so-called creative ideas for marketing purposes or to throw in heavy flak.

One such incident occurred recently when a Facebook page of a beard oil company tried to suggest a new look to Prime Minister Imran Khan which didn’t go as good as they would have expected.

Wabees recommended PM Khan to sport a beard because that’s essentially how they earn their money: asking everyone to grow beards and buy their company’s oil for ‘beard care’. On their Facebook page, they posted a photoshopped picture of bearded PM Khan with the caption, “We want (PM) Imran Khan to grow a beard. Help us get this message across by liking and sharing this post!”

Facebook post of Wabees

“Who thinks (PM) Imran Khan should sport a beard?” the post asked which opened up the discussion for some ruthless replies.

One Facebook user responded, “No plz… fazlu ko becho apna beard oil (No please, sell your beard oil to (Maulana) Fazlur Rehman.”

Another user took a more religious line and argued, “No. He is fine without a beard. Islam mey beard sunnat hai. Farz nahi. Islam mey daarhi hai lekin sirf daarhi mey islam nahi. (Beard is a part of Islam, not its entirety).”

“Marketing and attention seeking going hand in hand,” an account rightfully noticed.

However, some of the social media users actually liked PM Khan’s beard look and wrote the clichéd compliments, including ‘nice’ and ‘awesome’.

A fan post

In one comment, a Khan fan posted another photoshopped image of his leader in the beard.