Nishan-e-Haider: Those who ‘live forever’


Nishan-e-Haider (NH), literally Mark of the Lion, is the country’s supreme Military gallantry award. Haider is an epithet of Hazrat Ali (RA), who was known as the ‘Lion of God’.

Who can get it?

The NH is only awarded to members of the Military for “acts of greatest heroism in circumstances of extreme danger, in the presence of the enemy on land, at sea or in the air”.

NH has only been awarded posthumously to 10 people since Pakistan’s independence. No woman has been honoured with the gallantry award so far.

Who makes it?

The Pakistan Mint manufactures the gallantry medal on the request of the Ministry of Defence. The medal is made from enemy equipment. It is made of 88 per cent copper, 10pc tin and 2pc zinc.

Who has received it?

Since 1947, 10 Military personnel have received it; 1 from the Air Force and nine from the Army.

1- Captain Raja Muhammad Sarwar

Date of martyrdom: 27 July 1948

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1947  

Regiment: 2/1 Punjab Regiment

2- Major Tufail Mohammad

Date of martyrdom: 7 August 1958

Battle: Indo-Pak Border skirmish 1958 

Regiment: 16th Punjab Regiment Border Guards East Pakistan Rifles

3- Major Raja Aziz Bhatti

Date of martyrdom: 10 September 1965

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1965 

Regiment: 17 Punjab Regiment

4- Pilot Officer Rashid Minhas

Date of martyrdom: 20 August 1971

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 

Regiment: No. 2 Fighter Conversion Unit

5- Major Muhammad Akram

Date of martyrdom: 5 December 1971

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 

Regiment: 4 Frontier Force Regiment

6- Major Shabbir Sharif

Date of martyrdom: 6 December 1971

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 

Regiment: 6 Frontier Force Regiment

7- Sowar Muhammad Hussain Janjua

Date of martyrdom: 10 December 1971

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 

Regiment: 20 Lancers (Armoured Corps)

8- Lance Naik Muhammad Mahfuz

Date of martyrdom: 17 December 1971

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1971 

Regiment: 15 Punjab Regiment

9- Captain Karnal Sher Khan

Date of martyrdom: 5 July 1999

Battle: Kargil War 

Regiment: 27 Sindh Regiment/12 Northern Light Infantry

10- Havaldar Lalak Jan

Date of martyrdom: 7 July 1999

Battle: Kargil War 

Regiment: 12 Northern Light Infantry

Notable mention: Naik Saif Ali Junjua (Hilal-e-Kashmir)

Date of martyrdom: 26th April 1948

Battle: Indo-Pakistani War of 1947 

Regiment: 5 Azad Kashmir Regiment


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