‘Begum Nawazish’ caught binging, claims innocence


–TV show host Ali Saleem says that he was arrested under a fake FIR


KARACHI: Actor and entertainer Ali Saleem, better known for his onscreen persona as Begum Nawazish Ali had a run in with the Karachi police Wednesday night when was arrested for possession of alcohol and allegedly indulging in suspicious activities.

According to SSP South Umar Shahid, Saleem was arrested when the police conducted a raid in the city’s Clifton area after receiving information of a kidnapped child.

The police informed that several people were taken into custody during the raid, including Ali Saleem and that liquor bottles were also recovered from the bungalow.

However, Saleem revealed to Pakistan Today that he was arrested due to a misunderstanding and gross mismanagement by the police. Recalling the incidents of the night, Saleem shared that he had retired for the night after a long day of shooting, when the police, in civil clothes, broke into his room and took him into custody. He said that he was taken aback, like any other person, when the men barged into his room a little after midnight. He and the bungalow owner were taken to the police station where Saleem said that he was beaten and his clothes torn. He said that he was booked under a fake FIR.

Saleem asserted that he was arrested without a warrant and when he asked them for one, the police refused to cooperate. He said it was then that he decided to go live on his Facebook profile and document his arrest. He said that he had nothing to hide and was being booked under a false case and said that the reason he went live was to highlight how the police “get away” with mistreating citizens.

Saleem further said that the incident left him and his family members in great distress and he considered this an invasion of his private space.

“What law allows the police to barge into someone’s house and private space just like that?” he remarked.

As to why he was the target of the police, Saleem said that he had no knowledge of enmity with anyone or the police and that he too is surprised why he was targeted like this. Saleem said that such actions are usually done by hate mongers who are jealous and do nothing except spread negativity.

Meera Jee who was also reportedly present with Saleem at the bungalow also spoke to this scribe and said that the whole situation was the result of a misunderstanding. She said that the alcohol bottles were part of their shoot which was being done in the house.

However, she commented that though she was glad that her friend has been released from jail, the incident upset her.


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